The Site Your Mother Warned You About

One of the ear­li­est archived men­tions of Meat­spin can be found in a Live­Jour­nal post dated July 21st, 2005. The term “meat­spin” was first defined on Urban Dic­tio­nary on Decem­ber 1st, 2005. The first reac­tion video was uploaded to YouTube by nick­tendo on March 1st, 2006. As of March 2012, there were nearly 1000 reac­tion videos on YouTube.

But what was it that the kid in the video above saw that shock him so much? If you have not seen it yet and are curi­ous about it click the fol­low­ing image. I dare you! is a Shock Site.  It is a type of prank or trolling. Shock Sites are web­sites that are designed to offend or star­tle the viewer. Such sites are typ­i­cally of a “porno­graphic, scat­o­log­i­cal, extremely vio­lent, insult­ing, painful, pro­fane, or provoca­tive nature.” A per­son may be linked to a shock site directly, asked to view one “as a chal­lenge,” or through Bait and Switch. “Tra­di­tional” shock sites are intended to get an imme­di­ate reaction.

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