Max Capacity: Net Necromancer

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Glitch video/GIF artist Max Capac­ity work pushes the grainy VHS cut-ups and early home com­puter bit con­straints of 1980s cyber­punk into the dig­i­tal realm. Net­work Awe­some and Radosaur Pro­duc­tions inter­viewed him for Tumblr’s Sto­ry­board effort. “Max Capac­ity: Net Necro­mancer

We love the work of artist Max Capac­ity. I will ven­ture here to say that his ani­mated GIFs are post­mod­ern, com­bin­ing in them glitch artpixel art, movies and stuff I can­not even start to describe. The fact that he uses the name Max Capac­ity is prob­a­bly not a coin­ci­dence as he has a lot of work to show up for. I can spend hours jump­ing from his Flickr site to his Tum­blr site to his YouTube chan­nel check­ing out his uni­verse of pro­lific cre­ation. You have to visit Max Capacity’s sites.


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