Katharina Grosse At De Pont Museum


Ger­man artist Katha­rina Grosse will be show­ing her new exhibit, Two Younger Women Come In and Pull Out a Table at De Pont Museum of Con­tem­po­rary Art in Tilburg, the Nether­lands, start­ing this week.

The artist’s enor­mous tech­ni­colour works of sty­ro­foam, acrylic and and plas­tic cre­ate sur­real dream­scapes in gal­leries and street cor­ners. In One Floor Up More Highly, jagged shards of crys­tal sty­ro­foam emerge from hillocks and boul­ders of dyed soil. In Atoms Inside Bal­loons, enor­mous latex balls float and dan­gle from the ceil­ing, while Faux Rocks fea­tures glob­u­lar mar­bles of sty­ro­foam that seem sus­pended in mid-bounce.


Her work inves­ti­gates the inter­sec­tion between gallery and street art, per­for­mance and instal­la­tion, graf­fiti and abstract expres­sion­ism, putting the viewer in the cen­tre of the work.

Two Younger Women Come In and Pull Out a Table will be at the De Pont Museum in Tilburg from 16 Feb­ru­ary to 9 June.


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