Chad Sell’s Drag Race Illustrated


What bet­ter inspi­ra­tion could an artist ask for than a bunch of amaz­ing drag queens? They’re styl­ish, sexy, and sick­en­ing! My work cap­tures the fierce per­son­al­i­ties and per­for­mances of those fab­u­lous fake ladies in a clean, clas­sic style.’

With their larger-than-life pres­ences and glit­tery cos­tumes, the gender-bending stars of RuPaul’s Drag Race are the per­fect sub­jects for por­trai­ture. Illus­tra­tor and comics artist Chad Sell, best known for his his col­lab­o­ra­tion with Logo on RPDR web­comics, and his work on the upcom­ing iOS game Dragopo­lis,  pays awe­some, witty trib­ute to the ladies in an exten­sive series that cap­tures his favorite con­tes­tants’ finest moments.

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New Animated GIFs Search In Google


Find­ing that one par­tic­u­lar ani­mated GIF that made you crack up the other day isn’t always easy — but a new fea­ture in Google Image Search should make it a snap.

The new “ani­mated” fil­ter restricts your search to images that are ani­mated, most or all of which should be GIFs. Look­ing for cats chas­ing lasers? Go ahead and search for “cat chas­ing laser,” hit the “images” tab of the search results, then go to “Search tools,” and then under “Any type,” click “Animated.”

Keep in mind that the images won’t ani­mate unless you click on them (it saves band­width, and san­ity). Yes, it’s a few extra steps, but it should save a bit of time in the end. Google wrote about the new fea­ture in a blog post, along with some sug­gested searches.


8 BiT VoMiT’s 1° Birthday Party!



8 BiT VoMiT is a series of New Media art and music events founded by Graphic designer, DJ and artist Olya Lev­is­tova and Social Media and Pro­mo­tion enthu­si­ast Tanja Korobka. It has been cre­ated by Lon­don Chip Swarm with a mis­sion to grow chip­tune scene.

Lose your­self in explo­sive elec­tronic beats brought to you by Mind­pi­rates, 8bit Vomit, Chip swarm and DIY Church with a gath­er­ing of DJs and live acts from all over Europe. Dance your heart away and free your soul in a mix of indus­trial, noisy and loud sounds with visu­als by NZNZ, Gab­ifront, and Wario.

Meet the crea­tures of tomor­row to have a night of future fun with: COMPANY FUCK (AU / DE), MIDI MAN, Del_F64.0 & Zus­tand D. (DE), BEN BUTLER AND MOUSEPAD, SANTISIMA VIRGEN MARIA, DR. NEXUS and EYE, DJ OLIO (EE), DJ MICHAEL ANISER (noisekölln/epitaph). VIDEOGAMEZONE BY Qubodup (Joyride­labs).

Free mix­tapes, can­dyfloss, deco, and more. Sup­ported by and MINd­PI­rates


Film Before Film

Opti­cal toys, shadow shows, ‘magic lanterns’ and visual tricks have existed for thou­sands of years. Many inven­tors, sci­en­tists, and man­u­fac­tur­ers have observed the visual phe­nom­e­non that a series of indi­vid­ual still pic­tures set into motion cre­ated the illu­sion of move­ment — a con­cept termed per­sis­tence of vision.

Film Before Film is an exhil­a­rat­ing and amus­ing ency­clo­pe­dic look at the “pre­his­tory” of cinema.

Werner Nekes charts the fas­ci­na­tion with mov­ing pic­tures which led to the birth of film, cov­er­ing shadow plays, peep shows, flip books, flicks, magic lanterns, lithopanes, panoramic, scrolls, col­or­ful forms of early ani­ma­tion, and numer­ous other his­tor­i­cal artiffices.

Work­ing with these for­mats, early “pro­duc­ers” cre­ated melo­dra­mas, come­dies, — as well as lots of pornog­ra­phy – antic­i­pat­ing most of the forms known today.

Nekes probes these col­or­ful toys and inven­tions in a rich and reward­ing opti­cal experience.

Film Before Film is a bewil­der­ing assault of exotic (and some­times erotic) images and illusions.

The Effect of Color

Color is one of the fun­da­men­tal ele­ments of our exis­tence, and defines our world in such deep ways that its effects are nearly imperceptible.

It inter­sects the worlds of art, psy­chol­ogy, cul­ture, and more, cre­at­ing mean­ing and influ­enc­ing behav­ior every step of the way. Most fas­ci­nat­ing are the choices we make, both sub­con­sciously and con­sciously, to use color to impact each other and reflect our inter­nal states.

Whether in the micro-sense with the choice of an arti­cle of cloth­ing, or the macro-sense where cul­tures on the whole embrace color trends at the scale of decades, color is a sig­ni­fier of our motives and deep­est feelings.


MANDALA GIFS is the work of artist Chaotec Chichi­liki. Here’s a blurb from his tumblr:

Man­dalas rep­re­sent to me the foun­tain of love that for­ever expands they are rab­bit holes that take us to other dimen­sions. Fol­low the white rabbit.

Im Elias or thats who they say I am. I stud­ied Inter­ac­tive Design and live in Mex­ico City. I paint and some­times write. Also I like to take pho­tog­ra­phy. Do believe in God (no reli­gion) thank­ful to he/she .Inter­ested in art, illus­tra­tion, astral pro­jec­tion, lucid dream­ing, man­dalas, psy­che­delics and every­thing that has to do with the uni­verse. I love psy­che­delic trance.

Maṇḍala (मण्डल) is a San­skrit word mean­ing “cir­cle.” Man­dalas have spir­i­tual and rit­ual sig­nif­i­cance in Hin­duism and Buddhism.

In com­mon use, man­dala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geo­met­ric pat­tern that rep­re­sents the cos­mos meta­phys­i­cally or sym­bol­i­cally, a micro­cosm of the uni­verse from the human perspective.