Cinema’s Most Exploited Figure: Bodil Joensen

Bodil Joensen is a very enig­matic fig­ure, she has the dis­tinc­tion of being the queen of bes­tial­ity porn. The young Dan­ish woman became famous for her per­for­mances in films hav­ing sex with dogs, horses, and pigs.

The most con­tro­ver­sial Dan­ish import ever, Bodil, claimed that she pre­ferred ani­mals as sex part­ners, was such a curios­ity that her unex­pected star­dom gave pause to many ques­tions. Why did she do this? What burned out the line between the socially accept­able and unac­cept­able so thor­oughly in her?

She’s the sub­ject of Jack Stevenson’s “Dead Famous: The Life And Movies Of Cinema’s Most Exploited Fig­ure, Bodil Joensen”

A turn­ing point in her young life came… when she had an enlight­en­ing con­ver­sa­tion with a pervert/pederast who told her all about “men, ani­mals and sex” — top­ics she had never heard about and that fas­ci­nated her. They just talked. The per­vert never touched her. How­ever, some­one reported their meet­ing to Bodil’s mother who called the police. They came and col­lared the per­vert, searched him and found a bot­tle of chlo­ro­form which earned him a short prison sen­tence. Her mother beat her sav­agely when she got home from the police sta­tion, lock­ing her away in the attic for sev­eral days and bring­ing food up to her. Assum­ing that she’d been assaulted, her mother judged her to be a vile slut who was not fit to dine with the fam­ily. Bodil reacted with shock fol­lowed by hys­ter­i­cal defi­ance. “I said to mama that when I grew up I’d fuck boars. I couldn’t think of any­thing more naughty. She was so shocked that she thought I was allied with the devil.”

and of the BBC doc­u­men­tary The Dark Side of Porn.