Isabel M. Martinez’s Quantum Blink


Per­cep­tion is a recur­ring theme within my prac­tice, and has become a foun­da­tion for me to explore ideas that reflect on notions of time, space, simul­tane­ity and dura­tion. As an artist, I am inter­ested in the aspects of expe­ri­ence where the real, the known, and the imag­ined col­lide. Spatio-temporal rela­tions, and visu­al­iz­ing the invis­i­ble are pre­dom­i­nant sub­jects. My inter­pre­ta­tions are informed in part by sci­ence, phi­los­o­phy and fic­tion. Exper­i­men­ta­tion and process are at the fore­front of much of my work, at times result­ing in ambigu­ous nar­ra­tives and hybrid exercises.

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In my work I attempt to artic­u­late some­thing in between the freez­ing of time—that so often char­ac­ter­izes photography—and its con­stant pass­ing. I allude to tem­po­ral­i­ties that are fluid, hypo­thet­i­cal, and impre­cise. The pho­tographs in Quan­tum Blink are com­posed of two expo­sures taken instants apart. Each pho­to­graph in the series holds a brief sense of con­ti­nu­ity, almost like an ani­ma­tion, slightly cin­e­mato­graphic. How­ever, though they pro­vide a notion of move­ment and pro­gres­sion, their begin­ning and end is ambigu­ous and indistinguishable.

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